AJ’s Power Source was the first company to utilize LiFePO4 batteries in a Military UPS system with PowergridMTM UPS. The PowergridMTM design utilizes the latest advancements in power management technologies to dramatically enhance operational flexibility and performance by using advanced computer-controlled inverters, auto switching AC/DC input power controls, advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology, Ethernet-based SNMP status monitoring, and global AC/DC power input capabilities. PowergridMTM is the first power management system based on a common set of modular power components that can be configured and re-configured to meet a wide variety of dynamic mobile and deployed power support requirements.



PowergridMTM is designed as a High Reliability power management solution capable of providing resilient to fully redundant non-stop power capabilities for critical systems. The “plug & play” UPS Backplane Module is the first of its kind and provides outstanding flexibility and functionality to the end user in a truly Integrated Power Management System that can provide up to 12kW of reliable, on-demand power.


PowergridMTM has been qualified to all applicable Military Standards for environmental, EMI, and power quality requirements and is the only LiFePO4 based UPS to have received US Navy Safety Certification In accordance with the requirements of Navy Technical Manual S9310-AQ-SAF-010.




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Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 7, 13 e 15 of the Reg. UE 2016/679